The Art of Concrete employs the world’s best concrete artisans  to elevate your concrete design to the next level.



From a small little deli to a large box store, we have the experience to make your dream concrete floor become a reality.


Office and commercial property require durable flooring surfaces with minimal maintenance. We can help provide both while meeting design intent to coordinate with other finishes in the space.

Polished Concrete Floor

New Construction

Nothing is better than a wide open expanse to pour and polish a perfect concrete floor. When the reflectivity reminds you of a day on the lake - you know the job is done well.



The art of concrete exposure...

Similar to concrete polishing, exposed aggregate concrete reveals the beauty in the concrete. There is an art to understanding the colors and textures that can emerge from a carefully crafted exposed aggregate. The variety can come from the color of the sand, the rocks, integral color or even the depth of the exposure. There is much versatility and creative liberties available when utilizing exposed aggregate as a finish of choice for exterior concrete. 




The Art of Concrete polishing...

truly takes an artist to understand the dynamics and beauty of concrete. Concrete contains a wonderful mix of intrigue with sand aggregates and cement. The process of exposing the beauty within takes an artisans touch and a listening ear to the client's desires for the floors. Polished concrete is a unique finish and needs to be treated as such. No two polished concrete floors will ever be the same due to the mix of the concrete, the way it was finished, and then the way the polishing artisans reveal the natural beauty of the material. Just like a sculptor working with stone, one must accept the characteristics of the materials in order to transform it into a masterpiece. 




when you can't start over...

Sometimes tearing out concrete isn't the best choice. That is where The Art of Concrete Overlays comes to play. Overlays are a wonderful option when covering up existing concrete. Overlays could be as thick as 3/8" and polishable to as thin as a credit card either smooth or slightly textured with limitless color possibilities. Overlays truly give you a clean concrete palette to work with, providing a whole new opportunity for art in concrete.




The Art of Concrete Rocks...

Concrete rock work is a beautiful artistic medium when used appropriately. Like all artwork, there is a range of masterfully crafted to not so much. At the Art of Concrete, Karen Keyes takes the lead with her experience and mentorship with some of the world leaders of faux rock construction. Every project starts with discussion and understanding of the end goal and space. Karen Keyes then will build a scaled model for everyone to see and understand before any construction takes place. 





We wouldn't be "The Art of Concrete" if we believed all decorative concrete could be easily categorized. That's the beauty of decorative concrete - there are no limits. Simply changing the color or adding highlights from stains or color hardeners, suddenly the whole character of a concrete finish can change. We want to dream with you and help discover the next art in concrete.


Form & Finish

Even standard gray concrete can be artful through creative forming and finishing. Push the envelope (or the form...) with us to unveil your next masterpiece.